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Our billing company has the ambition to increase your revenue and cut down on expenses. Our intentions are to be more efficient and effective at billing than your own office so that your personnel focuses only on practicing medicine. We provide the best AR rates for our practices and make it our priority to provide you and your practice the highest average return per processed claim.

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When it comes to medical billing and coding of wound care services, extensive knowledge and experience are a must to do it accurately. Our company the “””” is one of the top organizations that offer effective revenue cycle management for wound care service. We understand and strive hard to relieve your stress by managing your billing so that you work maximum on patient care.

Wound care is complex

Wound care medical billing is complex because of several aspects that come in front. The most highlighted complexity is that the wound care service is given in different facilities even for a single patient with the same wound. Even when the patient is discharged from the hospital, wound care still continues at an outpatient center. Every service that is provided needs to be billed accurately including the codes that indicate at which location the patient was given care.

The rising cost and budget cuts

As per these days financial climate, costs are rising and the budget is being cut. This makes it important to have effective and seamless billing so that every claim is reimbursed and the service provider gets the maximum payout. Practitioners are facing a significant loss of revenue because of medical billing managed by inexperienced staff. 

Top Reasons to Outsource Wound Care Billing

Medical codes for billing are complicated and also they change every year, this is why the mostly in-house staff of medical billing find it difficult to keep up, thus resulting in errors that can be very expensive. Outsourcing a reliable company like “””””” makes sure that you have proper RCM (revenue cycle management) so that you receive the highest possible reimbursement.

Here are some of the top three reasons why you should outsource wound care billing experts to do this job for you.

Referral Patients

Wound care patients mostly don’t come directly to the facility, they are mostly referred to by physicians. The referring physician although having checked whether patient insurance covers your services or not but you can’t assume that in this case. Whenever a new patient arrives, the wound care staff must have to verify the insurance coverage first. If not done, this might be a loss of finance.

Rising costs and lowered reimbursements

Wound care facilities have to use equipment that can be very expensive like cellular and tissue-based products used for skin wounds, but on the other hand, reimbursements are going down. Because of these obvious and not so obvious reasons, it is vital to code and bill every service properly to ensure no monetary loss due to denials.

We are dedicated to medical revenue cycle management

“”””” offers revenue cycle management. We don’t have some traditional unchanged ways to deal with every claim but instead, we provide a customized suite of services for every client. We also have proprietary software that is used to manage claims and also makes sure that all your claims are filled with the latest codes. We offer different services which include compliance reviews, payer credentialing, payback, and much more.

Outsourcing medical billing

As compared to hiring staff for in-house medical billing, outsourcing a third-party medical billing proves to be less costly and more effective. Our staff is well-trained in HIPPA compliance and experienced that can manage every kind of claim and also ensure that every patient’s information is safe. Also, we have a team of certified billers that fulfill every coding need. The best benefit that our company offers to our clients is that we remove stress and burden from your shoulders so that you do what you are good at without worrying about your finance.




Medical Coder company always build a healthy and trustable relation with his clients. Our trained and well experienced staff objective is to give 100% results as per our customers demand. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.