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Our billing company has the ambition to increase your revenue and cut down on expenses. Our intentions are to be more efficient and effective at billing than your own office so that your personnel focuses only on practicing medicine. We provide the best AR rates for our practices and make it our priority to provide you and your practice the highest average return per processed claim.

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Radiation Oncology Billing Services

Allow us to handle your billing responsibilities with Complete Revenue Cycle Management for 4-6% / collections*.

How We Work

Medical Coder is one of the renowned radiation oncology billing companies, providing advanced level expertise for radiation oncology due to additional regulatory changes, state-specific regulations, and other complexities for effective revenue cycle management.


Our Radiation Oncology Billing Services will provide your practice with a highly trained staff that will handle all of your billing duties with exceptional efficiency.

Some of the highlights of our medical billing services include:

Charge Entry

Medical Coder’s billing software receives claims from your practice and processes them from there. Our cardiology billing services would turn your practice into a profitable and cost-effective specialty by automating your billing flow, handling patient data perfectly, determining service eligibility, and communicating with insurance carriers quickly. We guarantee the accuracy of over 98% within 24 hours of receipt.

Scrubbing Claim

Claims are scrubbed by the Medical Coder to ensure that all relevant information is processed. This includes investigating incomplete information and resubmitting rejected claims.

Insurance and Denial

Based on payment schedules, Medical Coders follow up with each insurance provider. We keep your outstanding accounts receivable under 20% after 60 days and under 10% after 120 days.

Payment Posting

To maintain accurate accounts receivable, we enter all benefit information as well as patient and insurance payment details into our billing software.

Patient Statements

We send personalized statements to patients who owe money on their accounts.

Increase Productivity

Automating your billing process, patient management, service eligibility checks, and quick communication with insurance carriers will guarantee an accuracy of over 98% within a 24-hour time frame of receipt.

Claim Submission on Time

We process and submit claims to insurance companies within 48 hours of receiving patient encounter forms (on paper or electronically).


Our weekly practice scorecard includes information such as revenue booked, revenue collected, and revenue outstanding. If necessary, ad hoc reporting can be provided.

Independent Software Billing

Our medical billing staff is proficient in the use of any EHR/EMR or Practice Management software. This allows us to manage your billing processes right away, without incurring any upfront costs. We will use your software and begin billing the following day.

Security of Billing Data

We provide comprehensive compliance strategies as well as a 24-hour response to privacy conflicts and concerns. We ensure that all of our practices are HIPAA-compliant and that our resources are up to date on the most recent developments.

Certified Staff

Medical Coder billing specialists serve as your team, guiding you through the implementation process. You can reach the resources at any time for status updates and questions.




Medical Coder company always build a healthy and trustable relation with his clients. Our trained and well experienced staff objective is to give 100% results as per our customers demand. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.