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Our billing company has the ambition to increase your revenue and cut down on expenses. Our intentions are to be more efficient and effective at billing than your own office so that your personnel focuses only on practicing medicine. We provide the best AR rates for our practices and make it our priority to provide you and your practice the highest average return per processed claim.

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It Is a fact that gynecology billing and coding is a difficult task and it involves technology and techniques that keep changing and evolving with time. Even some of the procedures are straight forward in these fields, billing is till complicated and because of that many billing errors are common in this field. Outsource billing services for gynecology can be challenging due to the fact that its procedures tend to be complicated.

 The gynecology billing service provider working in this field should have adaptive skills and have to be specialized in gynecology terminology, services and procedures. They should have high levels of coding experience; and should also understand billing procedures and processes. So, if you don’t have the necessary skills to keep up, then you can end up losing a lot of your revenue. Our experienced billing and coding process helps several gynecologists from having loss to increase in potential revenue.  

 Gynecologist are that individuals who are specialized in women’s care during pregnancy and childbirth, treating female reproductive organ diseases and many others. They tend to work under a variety of conditions and other procedures which includes surgeries to daily checkup for women. As unexpected increasing in cases, increasing competition and strict billing and coding procedures are making gynecologist suffer and that’s why timely billing and account reimbursement are missed by them on time which cost them losing their revenue generation.

Regarding the business aspect of your practice, hiring a quality medical billing service is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Your gynecology billing company should have the experience necessary to handle the complexities of medical billing and coding. That’s where our expertise and skills lie and we will cut down on potential lost revenue and improve your practice’s profitability. Our skills lie in all aspects of billing and coding of your gynecology practice.

 As the best gynecology medical services company, we will identify potential problem areas in your gynecology billing. We will manage all aspects of the billing process to make sure you receive all of the compensation timely that are due.

Our Services:

Gynecology billing services has become extremely complex and difficult to follow over the years due to volatile regulations. Running a gynecology treatment is a hectic task. It will take much time and frequent visits, as a result focusing on other related task is much more difficult. By outsourcing for gynecology medical billing, we can help you tackle all of your problems with ease. We understood your problems and offers you customized services to smooth your financial cycle. Our gynecology billing services are as follows:

Credentialing Services:

As a gynecology medical billing provider, we implement complete qualified prerequisites for reimbursement. It will help to make sure that all necessary information and documents are included in the first submission to avoid follow up.  

Coding & Billing:

Gynecology billing need a skilled coders and billers who take necessary steps to ensure healthcare records and coded accurately for maximum claims. billing service provider who doesn’t have the ability to properly manage the medical records timely and effectively will fail to provide billing and reimbursement to gynecologist which results in waste of time as well as revenue. By outsource billing services our skilled coders and billers. Our billers thoroughly review all claims and send them out immediately. Any missing information will discuss with the office so there is no delay in process. Our billers know how to apply correct modifiers timely which ensure that all of your claims are submitted properly which will benefits you to get accurate and timely submission of claims and reimbursement, and round the time availability of our team for your help will save your time and money.

Lessen Overheads & Boost Income:

As a part of our billing services, we continuously checking your remaining balances and regular follow-ups are made by our professional team for outstanding payments to related companies. This will ensure that your business will always remain profitable as our team keep a track on all due payments. Medical coder offers you transparent and affordable billing services without any hidden cost which will help you to focus with all of your energy on your profession instead of paper work to achieve maximum revenue possible from your practice without any delays.  

Data Transparency:

Data security is our top priority and when you avail of our services, you can rest assured of the fact that your data is safe and secure with us. You and your designated staff will have full access to your data whenever you need without hiding anything from you. We believe in full data transparency.


The benefits you will enjoy by outsource gynecology billing services to a well trained and experienced gynecology billing company like medical coder are many, Some of important among these are as follows:

  • Increase in revenue
  • Quick response
  • Multiple software options
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Daily Claim Follow up
  • Patient enrollment
  • Help desk
  • Daily audits
  • 24/7 Availability

By outsource gynecology medical billing services to a Medical Coder, you are doing a partnership with a gynecology billing company that are highly skilled in managing all of your billing and revenue generation management process on behalf of you which helps you focus on your responsibilities. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We assure our availability on time for your support and have been working round the clock as per gynecologist demands from us. For any detail regarding our services related to gynecology billing offered, feel free to contact us.



Medical Coder company always build a healthy and trustable relation with his clients. Our trained and well experienced staff objective is to give 100% results as per our customers demand. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.