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Our billing company has the ambition to increase your revenue and cut down on expenses. Our intentions are to be more efficient and effective at billing than your own office so that your personnel focuses only on practicing medicine. We provide the best AR rates for our practices and make it our priority to provide you and your practice the highest average return per processed claim.

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General Surgery Medical Billing Services

Performing a surgery can be an extremely intricate and unnerving ordeal and some of the procedures can take up to hours of hard work. After all of that strenuous work, no surgeon will want to deal with the tedious process of medical billing.

Surgery package is a global phenomenon used to simplify medical billing because it eliminates the need to include a detailed code for each part of surgery and its related care. To understand the various packages and their associated coding can be a huge challenge. That package covers everything involved in surgery and rejected claims represent huge amounts of money that will not be paid to the provider unless the denial is successfully resubmitted.

That’s why it is essential for surgery practices to outsource their medical billing to a professional medical billing company with experienced coders who are able to stay on top of the latest coding changes and payer’s billing requirements. Our billers and coders are certified and best in the field of general surgery medical billing.

Our team comprises skilled medical coders who care to take minute details into their coding. For example, when a team from one practice performs surgery, they bill it as a unit, but when doctors from another institution come together for a procedure, the billing gets more complicated. Our coders know how to avoid duplicate billing for maximum profitability..

Salient Features of Our services

We provide the best AR rates for our practices and make it our priority to provide you and your practice the highest average return per processed claim. Other salient features of our services are as follows

Denial Management

Our professionals are experts at finding out the reason behind claim denial so that they can make appropriate changes so that the claim can be resubmitted to be accepted.

Management of aging claims

Our General Surgery medical billing service also takes into account the aging A/R accounts so that there is no revenue loss and you get the maximum amount of profitability. We organize and track all the old A/R accounts and clarify the right amount and the right party.

Cost-effective Pricing

We provide flexible pricing options for our clients according to their needs and requirements. Our clients have the flexibility of choosing to pay only for the billing services they opt for.

Data Security

Our billers are certified and experienced in dealing with prostheses, and all our staff is also trained in HIPPA compliance, so you don’t have to worry about patient data being secure.

Tools and Technologies

We use licensed software in our medical revenue services and use automation wherever it is applicable to get the best possible accuracy and so that time and money are saved tremendously.

High-quality Services

Our skilled professionals deliver swift services for your practice. All of our team members are well versed in medical billing and coding which results in quick delivery of services.

Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager for your billing process so that you don’t have to face any confusion.

Round the Clock Availability

Our customer services are the best in the business and we are available 24/7 to resolve your issues regarding claims or any other aspect because customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Why Choose Us

Our combination of technology and medical billing experience gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your claims are submitted correctly and efficiently so it can lead to continuous cash flow. So, instead of focusing on the arduous task of medical billing and patient records, you can spend your time on the best quality healthcare services.



Medical Coder company always build a healthy and trustable relation with his clients. Our trained and well experienced staff objective is to give 100% results as per our customers demand. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.