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    Our billing company has the ambition to increase your revenue and cut down on expenses. Our intentions are to be more efficient and effective at billing than your own office so that your personnel focuses only on practicing medicine. We provide the best AR rates for our practices and make it our priority to provide you and your practice the highest average return per processed claim.

    Cardiology Medical Billing Services

    There is no doubt about the fact that cardiology billing and coding is an arduous task and it involves new technology and techniques that keep changing and evolving with time. Medical billing services for cardiology can be more challenging than for other specialties due to the fact that cardiology medical procedures tend to be more complicated and tricky.

     The medical coders working in this field should be adept in their skills and should be specialized in cardiovascular terminology, services and procedures. They should have high levels of coding experience; and should also understand general billing procedures and processes. So if you don’t have the necessary skills to keep up, then you can end up losing a lot of your revenue.

    Cardiologists have to work under a variety of conditions and deal with blood work and other exhaustive procedures and that’s why timely billing and account reimbursement is an integral part of revenue generation.

    Regarding the business aspect of your practice, hiring a quality medical billing service is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Your cardiology billing company should have the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by cardiology medical billing and coding. That’s where our expertise and skills lie and we will cut down on potential lost revenue and improve your practice’s profitability. Our skills lie in all aspects of billing and coding of your cardiology and vascular practice.

     As the best cardiology medical billing company, we will identify potential problem areas in your cardiology billing. We will manage all aspects of the billing process to make sure you receive all of the compensation you are due.

    Our services

    Our cardiology medical billing services are specially designed to ensure smooth management of functions from the patient onboarding to charge posting. To fast-forward billing functions, we use advanced cardiology medical billing software. Our cardiology medical billing services are as follows

    Mitigate Claim delays

    We have technologically advanced cardiology billing services and it will mitigate claim delays, thereby improving your cash flow. Our denial management professionals are the best in the business and they will ensure complete and correct documentation before resubmission. Denied claims aren’t good for the business and we will retransmit them so that they turn into payments for the practice.

    Credentialing services:

     To avoid payment conflicts in the future, we implement qualified prerequisites for reimbursement. It also helps to make sure that all the necessary documents and information are included in the first submission to avoid any follow-up after.

    Verification of Documentation

    We make sure that the patient’s portfolio is complete in every way and it qualifies for reimbursement so that it gets submitted on the first try and there is no loss of revenue stream.

    Cardiology Medical Billing; the Process

    Our medical billing process is handled by medical billing professionals to ensure the best possible results and it comprises of the following steps:

    Hopital Facilities

    Why Choose our Billing Services?

    Our combination of technology and medical billing experience gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your claims are submitted correctly and efficiently so it can lead to continuous cash flow. So, instead of focusing on the arduous task of cardiology medical billing and patient records, you can spend your time on the best quality healthcare services.

    We also provide flexible pricing options for our clients according to their needs and requirements.

    We provide error-free and accurate billing methods to ensure that you are never losing any money and so that you don’t have to face claim denials.

    Our cardiology medical billing service also takes into account the aging A/R accounts so that there is no revenue loss and you get the maximum amount of profitability. We organize and track all the old A/R accounts and clarify the right amount and the right party.

    Our customer services are the best in the business and we will immediately resolve your issues regarding claims or any other aspect because Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority

    Data security is our top priority and when you avail of our services, you can rest assured of the fact that your data is safe and secure with us. We use VPN and FTP to exchange valuable patient data.


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    Medical Coder company always build a healthy and trustable relation with his clients. Our trained and well experienced staff objective is to give 100% results as per our customers demand. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.